Team at a glance

CEO - Dr. Harpreet Singh Bhatia: Dr. Harpreet Singh Bhatia is a visionary leader in the herbal and wellness industry, renowned for his deep understanding of traditional remedies and modern healthcare. With a PhD in Herbal Medicine, he has dedicated his career to promoting natural health solutions. As the CEO of HOAP Nutracare Inc, Dr. Bhatia shapes the company's strategic direction, ensuring that it remains committed to holistic well-being. His passion for research and his expertise in combining ancient wisdom with scientific innovation have led to the creation of groundbreaking herbal formulations that resonate with consumers seeking natural alternatives.

CTO - Anita Karburrkar: Anita Karburrkar is a dynamic technologist with a background in biochemistry and a passion for sustainable innovation. As the CTO of HOAP Nutracare Inc, she leads the company's technological advancements. Anita's focus on sustainable sourcing and cutting-edge extraction techniques has elevated the quality of the company's products. Her commitment to transparency extends to engaging consumers through technology-driven educational platforms, ensuring they understand the benefits of herbal remedies in their wellness journeys.

COO - Kalpesh Maniar: Kalpesh Maniar is an operations expert known for his meticulous attention to detail and operational efficiency. With a background in supply chain management and a track record of successful process optimization, he excels as the COO of HOAP Nutracare Inc. Kalpesh's commitment to quality control and sustainability aligns with the company's values. He has streamlined manufacturing processes, reducing waste and improving resource allocation. His collaborative approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement, driving the company's success in producing high-quality herbal products.

Sales Manager - Vikas Pillai: Vikas Pillai is a dynamic and results-oriented sales leader with extensive experience in the wellness industry. As the Sales Manager at HOAP Nutracare Inc, Vikas is instrumental in driving the company's revenue growth. His keen understanding of consumer preferences and market trends allows him to develop strategic sales initiatives. Vikas's focus on building strong partnerships and providing exceptional customer experiences has led to significant increases in distribution and brand visibility. He's known for fostering a motivated and high-performing sales team that shares his commitment to the company's mission.