Q. I am healthy and does not have any complications?. Is it for me , how?

    Yes, this is right time for you especially, these are preventive so that one should not fall sick. start as early as possible.

Q. My age is 70 plus, are there any side effects?

     Age is no bar in taking herbal supplements. There are no side effcets.

Q. There are lot of hebal supplements in the market?. what is diffrent and why to choose you?

     pls visit _____________________________________ link.

Q. Why moringa is been given so much importance?

    Moringa is one of the potential multi ingredient supplement and underknown one as well. over the years it has gained much importance as people are now getting themselves aware about the health treasure it has            incorportaed in itself.

Q. Is this supplement routine habit making at all?


Q. Prescribed duration of supplement intake per day, month & year ?

    Depending upon the requirement, age, gender, community, precondition, build up and various other factors, Modelled database would suggest an appropriate plan

Q. I am pregnant /lactating? is it for me ?

    Yes, as per your confdition and positiom. one would be issued details.

Q. Are these prescription medicines?

    No, These are foods, intelleigent foods.

Q. I am already taking supplements and have opened bottles of certain ones, what is option for me?

    You are advised to hold till the time and donot mix it up.

Q. I have few prescribed medicines. Shoild I Stop taking them?

     No you can continue to take them alomgside.

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